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Scooter Skills:
Skill Cues:
-When using a scooter you can either on your bottom, or lay on your chest.
-When sitting on your bottom, keep your hands on the handles, and push with your feet to move. 
When you are laying on your chest, push with your feet, and if it's safe to do so, pull yourself with your arms, like you're swimming.
-You should keep your head up, and see where you're going.

Safety Rules:
-Please tie up or tuck away any long hair, jewelry, or other loose fitting clothing or accessories.
-Hands should be on the scooter handles at all times, unless instructed otherwise.
-Be aware of your personal space bubble, and respect other friends' bubbles.
-These are scooters, not bumper cars, please don't bump into friends.
-Please place the scooters wheels up on the floor when not using them.

-Most importantly......HAVE FUN!!

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